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Aphrodite: Your body is not his temple.

Aphrodite. The goddess of love. The standard for female beauty. Adulteress jealous slut.   At least that is what some of her stories would have us believe.   She is the unattainable standard of beauty that women must strive for. Aphrodite is example of how the patriarchy will try to control and shame you for not playing by their rules.   Be her in the ways men find pleasing. Don’t be like her in ways they don’t.   They tell us she is silly, air headed, shallow and vain.  Women are silly, air headed, shallow and vain.  Brainless fuck toys.   When I read her stories, I see a women who refused to be bound by patriarchal rule. Aphrodite gives zero fucks about what anyone thought and stood in her power. A power so strong that the patriarchy is still trying to bind her, control her and strip away that power.   Aphrodite is a woman who continues to be herself no matter what the patriarchy tries to do to her.  She owns her sexualality. Even though Zeus (patriarchy) tries to take that from her through a forced marriage.   The harder the patriarchy works to control, shame, or disempower […]


The shedding of a skin.

The Myth Project, this blog, and every thing that will follow it, begins with the shedding of a skin. It’s a too small poorly fitting skin that grows around a girl like a strange armor. It’s supposed to shield her and keep her safe, but it crushes her under its weight. It’s useless against words, fists and all the things she has been told it will protect her from. It is only good at protecting her from her own power. Her own strength. Her own magick. Here I shed this skin. Not in one long perfect piece like snakes sometimes do, but in little bits burned away here and there over the years. The Myth Project is something that has been haunting me for a long time. I have done my best to ignore it. When you do intuitive work and regularly speak with Spirits, it gets really difficult to ignore a group of goddesses demanding your attention. I tried my best to ignore them. To drown out their whispering, I yelled excuses. I told myself all the reasons why I wasn’t good enough for this work. It worked for a while, but the discord it caused was painful. So […]