New Here?

There is a myth that is so ingrained into our society and into ourselves that we believe it to be truth, to be the  natural order of things, to be normal.

It’s the myth The Patriarchy has brainwashed us with everyday of our existence. It’s the lie that male is better than female. That there is only one right way to be male or female. It’s the lie that abuse is love.

This myth is such a deep part of us that we don’t always see the lie. Sometimes it’s obvious and sometimes it’s subtle, but it is always there.

There are many ways this myth is taught to us, but for the purpose of this blog, I’m going to stick to two main areas.

Stories and New Age/Spirituality

These two things are connected by love. The love we feel for others (mainly romantic) and the love we feel for ourselves.

It is very common, standard and normal for abuse to be shown as romantic love or self love through stories we are told or through ‘spiritual’ teachings.

I believe that if we want to end abuse in our society that we need to be able to clearly see it in all the ways it shows up in our lives.

They say love will change the world, but how much change will come if we can’t tell the difference between love and abuse?


The Myth Project is the result of a lifetime of not fitting in, seeing the bull shit of ‘normal’  and giving zero fucks about being anything the patriarchy says I should be.

I refuse to embrace abuse disguised as love that dominates the stories we are raised on.

I refuse to bind myself with harmful ideas of what it is to be a woman or a man. Or that we have to fit into one of those little boxes to have any value as a human.

I refuse to stay quiet.

My name is Delisa. I’m a clairsentient witch, artist and writer.

I believe in burning down the patriarchy, faeries and ending New Age Wank.

I really hope you’ll join me.