Romantic Fictions

Love Bites: Physically harming to mark women as property

There is a lot of biting going on in romance/erotica. Mainly in werewolf/vampire stories. It’s not what I would call ‘fun biting’ either. It’s a nip that brands the women in these stories as property of the men. The idea of being owned as a piece of property is really disturbing to me and not at all romantic or sexy. The women are usually forced into being bitten/claimed/owned by some life threatening or awful circumstance. She may agree to the biting, but it is a decision made under duress when she is given very little choice. Women being put in positions where we are forced to go along with what a man wants out of fear isn’t a hot fantasy. It is reality. A reality in which a woman can be seriously harmed by men for not going along with their wants. When it shows up in romantic fiction it helps to normalize men’s harmful behaviors. The men doing the biting are portrayed as the nice/good guy, doing all he can to save the damsel in distress. In many stories the events that lead to the biting are the result of his own actions. His asshat or careless behavior has […]

Romantic Fictions

And I don’t even rant on the fuckery with the title

This bit of romantic fiction has a lot going on with slut shaming, body shaming and nice guy hero worship that I had a hard time picking one trope to focus on.  I think that is true of a lot of romance novels. I read a fuck ton of them, so I should know. The MC is young and ‘curvy’. Curvy is a level of fat that isn’t fat at all. Curvy women have big boobs and nice asses. We know it’s ok to be fat if you are hourglass shaped.   This is supposed to be body positive, but falls short. She goes to great lengths to hide those curves the author spends so much page space telling us about. The ‘thug’ in this story is a rich white dude who has the privilege to chose to slum it to avoid is jerk family. Nice twist on Cinderella. Not.  She is ashamed of her body. She does her best to hide and keep covered up all in a fat shame/ slut shame way. Her body only becomes ok after a man approves of it and takes ownership of it. The slut shaming is a little less obvious. She is a […]